About Us

Generation Europe Foundation Czech Republic (GEF CZ) is a Czech non-governmental organization operating mainly in the field of education with a long-term interest in the study and application of old and new concepts in education and their connecting (experiential and action learning, civic, financial and environmental education, system analysis etc.). Particular attention is paid to play, creativity, critical thinking and the use of information technology.


The organization was established in 2002, in 2006 it was renamed to GEF CZ and became part of the Generation Europe Foundation network that is coordinated by GEF in Belgium and shares best practices on civic and consumer education. Since 2009, GEF CZ also belongs to the PERL (Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living), an association of universities, educational experts, reserchers and NGOs.


In the Czech Republic, GE CZ reaches more then 130 000 secondary school students in approximately 900 schools when managing the following significant projects: Europa Diary; DOLCETA – online consumer education project offering a selection of modules on different consumer topics – financed by the European Commission; Europe 2045 – an on-line strategy game, designed to be supporting educational material for social science courses attempting to familiarize players with political, economic and social issues in a united Europe and the present-day world; and others.


GE CZ has rich experience in organizing of various educational events such as seminars, workshops and conferences on the above-mentioned topics.